(Established 1983)
License #737888

Retail Construction & Restaurants

Commercial Tenants, Retail Construction & Restaurants

Builders Plus has been serving the Southern California community since 1983.

We specialize in complete design of buildings and interior construction for commercial tenants, restaurants and retail projects.

We have worked within most of the major centers in Southern California and have industry experience securing pre-approvals to closeouts from malls, restaurants and retail facilities.

We understand that the store itself is just as important as the merchandise within it. By incorporating elements of modern design, a well-designed commercial interior adds functionality to the space and allows for a compelling visual selling effect. We pay close attention to crucial details to capture your customers’ unique shopping experience every time they are in your store.

Intelligently designed shelving, racks, displays, graphics, counters, and wall systems strike a balance between functionality and design aesthetics. Builders Plus understands how retail fixture installations need to work with the design architecture to optimize the profitability of your retail establishment.

We know restaurants from functionality of kitchens to fine finishes in the seating areas. You can trust our detail, focus, dedication and expertise when it comes to building your restaurant, bar, supermarket or grocery store.
Stay focused on your dreams by letting us take care of all the paperwork. We’ll submit your plans to the Health Department, Fire Department, Industrial Waste Bureau and any other necessary City or County agencies, as well as helping you obtain a Conditional Use Permit for your project.

We can guide you towards selecting the layout and floor plan that can best meet your goals. Whether you are renovating an existing structure or planning a new building, we will ensure your project goes smoothly and accordingly to your time frame.

We understand the necessity to get your establishment up and running as fast as possible, while creating a custom environment designed specifically for your clientele. Whether ensuring consistency for a franchise or crafting the exceptional details of a custom establishment, we have the experienced construction team to accomplish your project vision within budget and on schedule.

Our services include:
  • Review Client Requirements
  • Site Evaluation/Selection
  • Consulting
  • Budgeting
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Structural Engineering,
  • Design Mechanical
  • Electrical and Plumbing Engineering
  • Client Space Utilization Requirements
  • Architectural
  • Develop Equipment
  • Value Engineering
  • 3D modeling/animation
  • Obtaining Permits
  • Project Management
  • Review/approve shop drawings
  • Equipment submittals
  • Scheduling
  • Construction
  • Development

We are up to date on all governing agency requirements including ADA, EPA, FDA, AQMD, Industrial Waste, State and County Etc. Builders Plus can assist you with a detail calculations in regards to investment returns and design a facility that will not only impress, but will pay for its self many times over.

Serving Southern California For Over 35 Years
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