(Established 1983)
License #737888

About Us

About Buildersplus General Contractors

Builders Plus specializes in designing and constructing any type of project. We work fast, efficiently, and in a state of the art manner, which allows us the ability to provide as little disruption to daily business as possible. Our professional team brings decades of experience to your project, along with the newest innovations and techniques in the construction industry.

Is your construction project on a tight time schedule and budget?
No Problem, Builders Plus is on time every time and within budget.

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced contractor?
Look no further, Builders Plus is the contractor for you! Builders Plus has been proudly serving Southern California since 1983. We build lasting relationships with our clients. These relationships are built on an open and transparent business foundation leading to referrals which make up approximately 90% of our business.
We design and construct facilities, while focusing on increasing client productivity and profitability.This allows us toformtight bonds with our clients enablingus to interact in a highly efficient manner.

Are you worried about “down time” and debris?
Builders Plus understands many facilities are unable to cease operations during needed construction. We have the answer! We have built many enclosed containment systems toeliminate dust, dirt, & disruption caused by remodeling. All projects receive continuous clean up. Builders Plus is an expert in “behind the scene” construction minimizinginterference to your day to day procedures.

Is safety compliance a priority?
Builders Plus is committed to safety in all aspects of our business. All of our staff has graduated from our scrupulous safety training program. Our on-site construction managers are current on OSHA training, guidelines, and regulations which must be followed on every project. Site specific safety programs including P.P.E. are developed for all projects. We conduct routine onsite audits and safety meetings with all employees and subcontractors, to ensure all current guidelines are met. We are OSHA compliant, ISN compliant and have earned a top EMR rating.

How We Work
We have been working with some of the same clients on an ongoing basis for over 35 years, while helping our clients to efficiently develop their business infrastructure. They continue the relationship and rely on us time after time due to our honesty, integrity, and experience.

We understand the importance and the complexity of business logistics from receiving of raw materials, to manufacturing, and shipping.

We design projects to meet or exceed our client’s current needs while taking into account expansion for future development. We also design a phasing path of construction and timelines customized to their individual needs.


Our services include:
  • Review Client Requirements
  • Site Evaluation/Selection
  • Consulting
  • Budgeting
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Structural Engineering,
  • Design Mechanical
  • Electrical and Plumbing Engineering
  • Client Space Utilization Requirements
  • Architectural
  • Develop Equipment
  • Value Engineering
  • 3D modeling/animation
  • Obtaining Permits
  • Project Management
  • Review/approve shop drawings
  • Equipment submittals
  • Scheduling
  • Construction
  • Development

We are up to date on all governing agency requirements including ADA, EPA, FDA, AQMD, Industrial Waste, State and County Etc. Builders Plus can assist you with a detail calculations in regards to investment returns and design a facility that will not only impress, but will pay for its self many times over.

Serving Southern California For Over 35 Years
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