(Established 1983)
License #737888
  • From conception to completion, your commercial connection!

From conception to completion, your commercial connection!

Design Services

Builders Plus offers extensive capabilities ranging from project planning, architectural design, construction management, site planning…

Projects Management

Planning and constructing a project takes the consolidated efforts of several professionals, each with varying experiences…

Controlled Environments

Newest technology in environment and clean room industries. We recognize your needs whether in a new space or in an existing occupied space…

Food Processing

Builders Plus will design your project to meet or exceed your current needs while taking into account future expansion. We build our client…

Medical Facilities

Builders Plus understands that your expectations are high and that it’s essential to build patient-centric medical offices that create a smooth…

Industrial Manufacturing & Packaging

Builders Plus offers a complete custom design and assembly of industrial process fabrication…

Tenant Improvement

Builders Plus is a commercial contracting firm specializing in the field of custom tenant improvements. We provide creative…

Retail Construction & Restaurants

Builders Plus has been serving the Southern California community since 1983. We specialize in complete design of buildings…

Site Development

Builders Plus is dedicated to introducing innovative methods for ground up construction, accomplishing goals, satisfying needs and expanding…

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We have had the luxury of working with some great clients over the years, and helped bring their visions to life.

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Tenant Improvement


Controlled Environments

1 Plant Core Room

Food Processing

2 Lunch Room Upgrade

Design Services

Serving Southern California for over 35 years
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What Clients Are Saying

"Dan, this construction project went very, very well far better than I ever could have imagined... "
B. KingBusiness Owner
"Bundy-Finkel Architects has had an excellent working relationship with Builders Plus for over a decade..."
B. FinkelBusiness Owner
"My company has worked with Builders Plus performing architectural, and civil and structural engineering ..."
H. ParsellBusiness Owner

How We Work

We’ve been serving Southern California since 1983.

We have worked with some of the same clients on an ongoing basis for Over 35 years, while helping our clients to efficiently develop their business infrastructure. They continue the relationship and rely on us time after time due to our honesty, integrity, and experience.

We understand the importance and the complexity of business logistics from receiving of raw materials, to manufacturing, to shipping.

We design projects to meet or exceed our client’s current needs while taking into account expansion for future development. We also have the ability to design a phasing path of construction and timelines customized to their individual needs.

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We can fast track your estimate whether it’s fully mapped out on plans or you require us to develop the entire project from conception to completion.